[Art in Public Place] Third Public Art Festival, 2015

Location: Neihu District, Taipei, Taiwan
Date: October 17 to November 15, 2015

Egrets, once common in Taiwan, are now rare in Taipei City due to the disappearance of natural habitats replaced by dense urban development. Fortunately, egrets are seen in Neihu District, with its mountains and lakes.
The “Egrets Encounters” Public Art Festival, taking place in Neihu District, reminds the public to appreciate nature around us and the beauty in life while painting “Egrets.”
More than two hundred colorful egrets created by students, artists and residents in the community were installed in public spaces in Neihu District, such as parks and greenways. Each artwork tells a story to change the world through soft strength.


Soft Strength Makes the World Better.


This festival is organized by the Foundation for Research on Open Space, Taipei, a non-profit organization devoted to the promotion and education of urban public spaces and environmental art and culture. As one of the founding parties of public art programs in Taiwan, the foundation believes strongly in the importance of public participation in art. This festival is thus created with a special focus on collaboration, discussion, and the inclusion of the public, instead of artists exclusively, in the process.