What's 'Historic'—And Who Says? Nine Practical Reasons To Save Old Buildings

January 16, 2013 By Jack Neely

“That’s Not Historic!”

A lot of good and honest folks roll their eyes when they hear that adjective applied to a building they’ve never heard of. Angry anonymous bloggers leave posts, and old men grumble. A building can’t be “historic” unless Davy Crockett was born there, George Washington slept there, or a Civil War battle involving at least moderate bloodshed was fought on the premises.

Nine reasons to save the old buildings:

1. Old buildings often have more intrinsic value.
2. When you tear down an old building, you never know what you’re doing.
3. New Businesses need old buildings.
4. Old Buildings are more versatile than new buildings.
5. Old buildings attract. Maybe not you, but many others.
6. Old buildings are reminders of a city’s substance and complexity.
7. You can’t trust developers.
8. We can never know what will be valued in the future.
9. Regrets go only one way.

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